ELAN gives Famous Saloon overhaul

Famous Saloon

Nashville’s famous Saloon ‘Honky Tonk’ underwent a huge transformation to preserve the venue’s classic Southern charm but also enhance customer experience through brand new technology. This technology was designed and integrated by Tour Supply who then turned to ELAN.

Bar owner May West says that they wanted a lot of changes and took it as an opportunity to do a complete overhaul of the entire set up. Not only were the changes listed better for the customers, but it also made it easier for the staff.

“Our staff had struggled to manage the vibe of each room. We really wanted a system that would allow us to dim the lights from anywhere within the bar, change the music with the touch of a button, and instantly set up the stage lighting,” says May.

“We took this renovation as an opportunity to modernize our operations with an automation system, and we made a fantastic decision by going with ELAN. We’ve taken a truly historic venue and infused it with a customer experience that only 21st century technology can deliver.”

Integrators Chris Torri and Lance Wascom installed one ELAN gSC10 Controller that allowed control of the bar’s lighting, security, audio and video. An ELAN gMV1616 Ultra Matrix Switcher was also installed which allows audio and video to be distributed throughout the bar’s four floors.

“ELAN helps to turn a big space into an easily manageable space. West and her staff can control any system remotely, including the systems indoors, outdoors or on stage.

We built a really impressive—and reliable— system that integrates everything throughout the bar. It helps the staff to better manage operations, and it enhances the overall vibe for customers looking to have a great time.”

The lights are now set up across the venue on a time-specific ‘event map’ which means the LED lighting is on a user specific time schedule. Tour Supply installed hundreds of Convering Systems RGB ‘Tape Light’ LED strips so in the morning the lights create a ‘pulsing’ effect and by the evening time, the lights are at full power in sync with the tempo of the room.

A Lutron lighting system with Radio RA keypads, repeaters and dimmers were also integrated throughout the venue. These easily communicate with the ELAN system and works with 16 Martin RUSH MH 5 Profile Moving Heads as well as ETC and Chauvet theatrical stage lighting if there is ever a live concert. The ELAN app also allows the performer(s) to adjust the stage lighting to their needs as well if need be.

“All of Nashville’s musicians want to play here for this reason. Between the high-end acoustics, and the control we give them over the lights, we’ve set a new standard for bar-performing bands. Every musician that plays here loves it, and asks to come back!” says May.

Specific scenes for audio and video has also been installed so that lighting arrangements can be changed dependent on the event hosted – whether it’s a dinner party or live concert. Three Gefen GTB-HDBT-POL-BLK Extenders for remote HDMI input has also been added along with sixteen ELAN HDRE receivers to ensure the Sony 4K TVs have a crisp picture.

As for the security component of the technology upgrade, 35 Flir N113ED mini eyeball camberas and 27 Flir N113BD mini bullet cameras were installed so that May, or anyone else, is able to check up on the venue at all times through a live stream on the ELAN app.

Finally, with the vast amount of upgrades, a sufficient power supply was also needed which is why a Furman F1500-UPS uninterruptible power supply was installed into the AV system’s central equipment rack. Alongside it were six Furman PST-8 Power Conditioners with Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus to make sure each AV component received crisp uninterrupted power.

Overall, May has said that the instant accessibility of the entire system has completely transformed the way the bar is now managed and run and because each day is unpredictable, having the ability to adapt instantly is what management needs.

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