ELAN debuts major software update, including Amazon Echo integration

elanELAN has unveiled its 8.0 software release. The comprehensive new release, which will ship in November 2016, adds a new user interface, voice control of all system events via Amazon Echo and new integration capabilities with the HEOS by Denon wireless sound system.
ELAN and HEOS by Denon are both distributed in Australia by QualiFi.
“As the connected home market expands, so too does ELAN’s capability to serve as the primary controller for every residential project,” says Core Brand software product manager Tom McKeon.
Through the ELAN 8.0 software, custom installers can now work with Amazon Echo – and digital assistant ‘Alexa’ – to access ELAN’s most common control functions.
“Voice control through Alexa gives users one more intuitive way to interface with their ELAN system. And of course, this functionality can be used to update existing systems as well as new installations,” Tom says.
Further, the ELAN 8.0 software includes a new calendar feature that enables the integration of Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail and Apple iCal into the ELAN calendar module.
The updated ELAN software includes enhanced security functionality with a new dynamic video transcoding feature that enables ELAN to pull high bitrate video from popular cameras and door stations, and dynamically transcode those videos in real-time. This ensures that the video footage delivered to the customer is of the highest quality, and that it’s reliably delivered to mobile clients and other touch points.
“In addition to the new high bitrate video transcoding, ELAN’s new virtual TV monitor feature enables the routing of encoded video directly to an ELAN gTP4, gTP7 or gXP12 touch panel. Additionally, a new ‘door control node’ feature allows home owners to activate their garage door and receive the status directly on their devices,” Tom says.

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