Earthquake Sound expands list of audio problem-solving products

Expanding Earthquake’s line of audio problem-solving products; the new GLI-200 signal converter and ISO-200 ground loop isolators are some of the highest-quality products on the market.

Most standard AV receiver output levels is 600Ω yet most ground loop isolators on the market have 200Ω at best. The new GLI and ISO 200 come with the industry standard right out the box, meaning you can kill off any annoying buzz noise or ground loop, allowing your system to perform at its best.

The high-quality components ensure there will be no roll-off the low frequency response rate due to undersized transformers.

What makes the ISO-200 unique is the that it’s not only a ground loop isolator, it’s also a two-way signal converter, converting unbalanced consumer level RCA signal to a balanced professional level XLR signal and vice versa.

This gives users more wiring options whether at home, on the road or with professional sound applications.

These two products feature a compact and rugged construction alongside built-in mounting brackets which make it fit into virtually any audio system, giving users a cleaner install as it can be hidden out of sight.

Earthquake Sound is available in Australia via Radio Parts.

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