Devialet revolutionises Phantom


Devialet is fast growing with Phantom leading the way for their penetration into the global consciousness.

Devialet has activated Phantom Elevate, with the following key points:

  • The peak power of the entry-point White Phantom has been boosted from 750W to 1,200W.
  • This is achieved with a firmware upgrade, available via the Spark app to new and pre-existing users alike.

“Devialet has turned the world of audio on its head once again. Phantom now sounds more impressive than ever, and the brand has further cemented themselves as one of the leading innovators in audio tech,” says Interdyn director Sam Encel.

Interdyn is the Australian distributor of Devialet.

A team of 80 specialists in aerodynamics, automobile design, acoustics and mechanics created Phantom over a period of ten years. After an investment of AUD$39 million in R&D and the securing 108 patents, their creation continues to grow.

Phantom comes in three styles; White, Silver and Gold. The iconic Gold Phantom boasts a massive 4,500W of peak power with Silver Phantom weighing in at 3,000W. The entry-point White Phantom has just been given a level-up with the recently activated Phantom Elevate.

With Elevate, Devialet has introduced a firmware upgrade that increases the power of Phantom from 750W to 1,200W – an increase of 99dB.

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