Definitive Technology releases the next generation of bipolar speakers

bp9000 range

Definitive Technology has unveiled the next generation bipolar speaker series, the BP9000.

The range includes four models, the BP9020 which is the smallest speaker of the range, the BP9040 a medium 8” speaker, the BP9060 a 10” speaker and the large BP9080x 12” floor standing Bipolar tower speakers.

The new offerings support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to achieve a seamless surround sound atmosphere.

The manufacturer says Atmos provides the effect that audio is coming at varied heights as oppose to a flat disc around the listeners head.

Even if the speakers are at the same height, the drivers fire the audio upward to bounce of the ceiling achieving the effect.

The new range is a ground-up redesign of the previous series, the BP8000. The designers have wrapped in speakers in brushed natural aluminium top plates that disguise the height module connector port, universally accepted acoustically transparent grille wraps, a resonance-free one-piece cabinet construction and a cast aluminium base on each of the towers.

“This new collection is a testament to our meticulous eye for detail, use of new object-oriented audio technologies, stunning design and a breadth of new audio technologies,” says Definitive Technology president Blair Tripodi.

“We know the best speaker successfully reproduces sound across the entire audible frequency range in the most balanced way possible and the BP9000 series does just that.”

Featuring Forward Focused Bipolar Array, to built-in powered subwoofers, to Intelligent Bass Control, to seamless Dolby Atmos integration and DTS:X compatibility, the BP9000 Series offers a range of features to provide a room-filling sound while providing a great aesthetic in a room.

The speakers are distributed by Advance Audio in Australia.

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