d&b audiotechnik: High-performance, mountable and flexible 44S loudspeaker

German audio technology and solution company d&b audiotechnik (d&b), distributed by NAS Solutions in Australia, has introduced the 44S loudspeaker. It’s d&b’s first ever flush mountable cabinet, delivering compact, high performance audio and a wide range of flexible mounting options.

“For audio professionals who may be challenged by dimensions, architecture, or aesthetics, the 44S loudspeaker is a powerful, compact, flush-mountable loudspeaker that provides the sound needed, no matter what space they have to work with,” d&b product manager Wolfgang Schulz says.

“It’s a very compact point source loudspeaker for flexible use in nearfield applications, and there is a big need in our industry for this type of form factor.”

With the aim of designing solutions addressing market needs, the 44S is a highly directional loudspeaker with SPL max 121dB using a d&b 10D amplifier, offering the highest possible performance for both permanent and mobile installations.

It comes with a clever waveguide and baffle design, resulting in high directivity and minimised interference between loudspeakers even when places close together. Coming in an asymmetric cabinet, it boasts built-in tilt options of ±20° for accurate coverage angles, giving users flexibility in adjusting for different listening heights.

On top of its impressive power, aft only 128mm tall, the 44S can be placed whether some other loudspeakers cannot like under mobile stages and balconies, stage lips and stairs, even flush mounted in ceiling, walls and soffits with the option of a backbox.

“We at d&b are very proud to showcase our ongoing commitment to the installation market with the launch of this new product. At a time when the market is challenged more than ever, it is important for us to bring flexible, multi-function solutions to the industry,” Wolfgang adds.

It houses two 4.5” neodymium LF drivers and two 1.25” HF dome tweeters which can deliver a frequency response of between 90Hz and 17kHz.

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