Data privacy with Thinka for KNX and Apple HomeKit

With the Thinka for KNX bridge between your customer’s KNX system and Apple HomeKit, you can provide your customer ultimate control convenience, since all KNX devices and scenes become visible within Apple HomeApp and can be controlled using an iPhone.

In addition, for data privacy, the Thinka for KNX does not store any data in the cloud, and only communicates to the Internet for software updates. The Thinka for KNX is installed inside the KNX home and is executed with a robust RP CM3+ processor to allow automatic ETS configuration on site, without the need for cloud-based computing.

With the Thinka for KNX in the KNX home, your customers will benefit from:
• No need for proprietary visualisation or a multitude of apps.
• A super easy user interface.
• Remote control, geofencing, family sharing and voice control.
• Data privacy.

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