Dali’s Rubicon series

RUBICON_WhitepaperThe newly released Dali Rubicon series of loudspeakers consists of five models — from the compact, stand-mountable Rubicon 2, up to the Rubicon 8 which has no less than three woofers that kick in at different frequencies.

All are built around a brand new 6½” woofer – featuring the distortion-reducing Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) system – and the well known Dali hybrid tweeter module.

Distortion causes audio to break up in certain areas and even small amounts will affect the listening experience and stop music sounding as natural and lifelike as possible. To get around this, Dali uses a combination of a Hybrid Tweeter Module and a SMC system, which allows the high frequencies to sing while minimising distortion in the lower frequencies.

SMC significantly reduces any distortion from mechanical loss in the magnet motor because it delivers high magnetic conductivity and low electrical conductivity. Issues that arise in systems using iron-based magnets such as hysteresis (unintended resistance to the voice coil caused because the demagnetisation process is slower than magnetisation) and current linearity (current in the voice coil modulating the magnetic flux in the magnet gap) are all but eliminated.

Dali’s hybrid tweeter module combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter for an amazing rendering of the high frequencies, and a dispersion of high frequency sounds.

In the Rubicon series, Dali makes use of both the soft dome tweeter working alone, and the hybrid tweeter configuration. The ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter module is designed to reach higher into the very high frequencies than is normal for a soft dome used in a Dali hybrid tweeter.

The Rubicon cabinet construction divides the mid-range and bass drivers into separated chambers, enabling DALI to individually tune every driver to its specific frequency range and widening the woofer output. This new range has integrated wood fibre cones, giving the in-house built woofer a light, rigid and randomly uneven membrane to help reduce the possibility of surface resonance and disturbance.

The series is available in high-gloss Black or White, and in two real wood veneers, Walnut and Rosso.

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