Dali releases the Epicon series


Dali has announced the release of its Epicon series. Comprised of the Epicon 8, Epicon 6, Epicon 2 loudspeakers and Epicon Vokal centre speaker, the series has been designed with Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC), which reduces distortion to a minimum by eliminating variation of flux strength in the magnet gap.

The new, in-house developed SMC based Linear Drive Magnet System eliminates four distortion factors in the driver motor system: eddy current, hysteresis, flux variations and voice coil inductance.

The series features woofers that are not only developed but also manufactured at the Dali headquarters in Denmark, alongside the latest generation of in-house wood fibre cones that include a new cone impregnation process and post-assembly coating.

Epicon 2

Although it is the smaller speaker in the series, according to Dali the Epicon 2 produces a large and accurate three-dimensional sound, thanks in part to the two-channel speaker’s 6½” bass driver and soft cone dome tweeter.

The Epicon 2 demonstrates what this new series is all about: minimal signal degradation, with a highly linear and coherent response that integrates well with small to medium sized rooms. The woofer roll-off is slow, and the speaker reaches deep into the lowest frequencies, recreating the sound of a larger speaker.

Within its working range, the Epicon 2 will fully match the performance quality of its larger siblings, the Epicon 6 and Epicon 8. Stands are available for these speakers.

Epicon 6

The Epicon 6 is designed to make a lasting impression and produces impeccable high frequencies and lifelike voice reproductions.

Featuring two 6½” bass woofers, the Linear Drive Magnet System in the Epicon 6 works alongside a breakthrough ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter.

The Epicon 6 relies on a 2½-way system as it features an additional woofer kicking in below 600Hz. It also incorporates a ribbon tweeter as part of the hybrid tweeter for the highest frequencies – effectively turning the speaker into a ‘2½ + ½-way’ construction.

Epicon 8

The Epicon 8 is the pinnacle of the Epicon series and delivers rich and detailed sound. The largest in the range, the Epicon 8 kicks things up a notch with two 8” woofers and one 6½” mid-range driver, coming together with the Linear Drive Magnet System and soft dome hybrid tweeter module for the most room-filling sound member of the Epicon family, effectively providing 3+ 1/2-way construction.

Epicon Vokal

The Epicon Vokal was developed as an uncompromising centre speaker for multi-channel enthusiasts, incorporating two 6½” woofers along with the hybrid tweeter module, promising the same level of transparency and timbre matching as the rest of the series. It will match any of the three main speakers, and benefits any setup where realism and realistic sound pressures are required. Common to all the EPICON speakers is that they work well in 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 or other multichannel systems.

All Epicon models feature gold plated terminals engineered by Dali for ultra-low contact resistance, durability and mechanically sturdy construction, as well as a hybrid tweeter module and multilayer MDF to form a rigid construction that reduces cabinet resonances. The rounded shape practically eliminates any standing waves.

Finished with 10 coats of lacquer, each model is available in high gloss lacquer black, walnut, white and ruby macassar.



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