DALI KATCH ONE: Danish design and superior sound

DALI, distributed by Amber Technology in Australia, has released the DALI KATCH ONE soundbar. It addresses the issue of poor sound quality often experienced with large and thin TVs.

The KATCH ONE can integrate with any size of entertainment application and ensures exceptional audio quality with its Danish design features.

With options for mounting or standing, the KATCH ONE features 10 built-in drivers and a powerful 200W amplifier system. It also houses a 21mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter that ensures voices are crisp and easy to understand.

Four large passive drivers work alongside four active woofers to deliver exceptional bass performance for a maximum quality audio experience.

It offers a wide array of outputs including one HDMI, two optical and one 3.5mm analogue and Bluetooth, giving the power over to the user and having the ability to connect to nearly any TV or audio system.

It reaches a maximum level of 101dB and a specially-designed chassis, innovative spider suspension and an inverted membrane combine to achieve the same maximum excursion in the bass and mid-range as a traditional woofer, leading to true low-frequency reproduction.

It’s also compatible with Google Chromecast and Amazon Echo and is available in iron black, mountain white and ivory white.

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