D-Tools to show exclusive preview


D-Tools has invited CEDIA 2017 attendees to an exclusive preview of D-Tool’s cloud-based platform, which will debut early next year.

The preview will take place in booth #3035 on Friday, September 8, 2017 at 3pm that will also celebrate the company’s recent success and provide a glimpse of the future.

D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) partner Totem Acoustic will sponsor the event and D-Tools chief executive Randy Steams says the entire team is excited to showcase the brand new features and enhancements.

“The D-Tools Cloud-based platform will debut early next year, and we invite CEDIA attendees to view a sneak peek in advance of its 2018 launch,” says Randy.

“Over the years, D-Tools has evolved into the industry’s most widely-adopted software solution and we’re proud of our heritage. That said, our team is even more excited about the future and look forward to sharing what’s next, as D-Tools continues to innovate.”

Attendees can also RSVP for a chance to win an iPad Pro by visiting http://go.d-tools.com/RVSP-D-Tools-CEDIA-2017-Booth-Event.html.

For more information about D-Tools, feel free to visit http://d-tools.com/

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