Crestron Mercury UI update delivers a more refined user experience and more

Crestron, a global leader in workplace technology, has announced the release of a major user interface update for its Crestron Mercury tabletop meeting and collaboration solution. The update includes a more modern and cleaner design and a more intuitive navigation among others.

The redesigned UI will ship with new units as well as being available for existing units as a free firmware upgrade.

It will now include the latest AirMedia 2.0 wireless presentation UI which provides automatic detection of the web browser and app installation for one-click wired or wireless connectivity and presentation in just seconds. On top of this, Miracast connectivity boosts collaboration in any meeting space.

Crestron AirBoard support is also included in the update which lets users capture, supply and share whiteboard content with anyone, anywhere and support for Crestron certified drivers enables control of any display.

“The updated UI builds on the years of success of Crestron Mercury with a simpler, more refined user experience,” Crestron program manager, enterprise solutions Joe Sarrasin says.

“It makes it easier for users to access what they need, with more information on the home page and call screens, including room schedule, status and availability.”

The firmware upgrade is available now and will be added to the auto-update on October 28th and will become a default for all systems.

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