Crestron introduces wireless Horizon EX dimmers and keypads

Crestron has introduced its wireless Horizon EX dimmers and keypads which gives integrators an advanced custom control solution as part of the entire Crestron smart home.

The Horizon EX universal dimmers match beauty with power with no minimum load requirement and offer more reliable LED dimming.

“Now, with the Horizon EX line, our residential systems integrators can deliver a consistent, elegant look throughout the home for hybrid systems,” Crestron vice president of residential John Clancy says.

“You can’t tell the difference between the dimmers and keypads. The dimmers even have backlit buttons.”

The latest line of wall-box controllers is available in black, white and almond colours with configurable one, two, three or four gang boxes. Button styles, custom top and bottom trim pieces and button feel is all interchangeable and sold separately.

For enhanced reliability regardless of the room lighting, every model in the Horizon EX line includes multi-colour backlighting that illuminates the laser-engraved text on the buttons. If needed, it can also glow up to three times brighter when pressed or each button can be programmed to glow in any colour.

Horizon EX dimmers and keypads can reliably transmit and receive commands with its built-in Crestron infiNET EX wireless mesh technology. This allows it to integrate with lighting, shades, HVAC, security and AV for a complete smart home.

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