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Control4 has announced the Pakedge Certified Network Administrator (PCNA) program.

PCNA is a training program that uses a mixture of online coursework and hands-on learning that gives dealers and technicians the knowledge they need to design, install and manage wired and wireless IP networks.

Control4 found that training in this area has been lacking recently and technicians were learning mainly through trial and error. This has resulted in homes and small businesses having their network foundation to be the root of their issues rather than it being faulty equipment.

‘Reliable and consistent network design is foundational to a responsive and stable connected home, and it’s pivotal to our dealers’ success and their customers’ satisfaction. Yet today, over 30% of support calls we receive from our dealers are tied to network connectivity issues and not equipment failures,” says Control4 chief executive Martin Plaehn.

“In our commitment to deliver fantastic connected home experiences via all of our dealers, we are strategically investing to foster a community of skilled network technicians by providing them with a best-in-class network training and certification program.”

The coursework can be done either at home or in the office without having to pay for travel like traditional training requires you to. The hands-on tutorials include:

  • RK-1 Router with BakPak
  • SX-8P Managed PoE Switch
  • WK-1 802.11ac WAP with 2×2 MIMO array and 1.3Gbps aggregate throughput
  • P2 Power Distribution Unit
  • Necessary cables

These tutorials teach technicians the fundamentals of TCP/IP, experience the material differences between Ethernet cables (CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7) and delve into the configuration options of network routers, switches and wireless access points.

To complement, those who partake in the PCNA exam and achieve a passing score become certified and are awarded a certificate of completion.

“To date, there has not been enough easily-accessible, practical training for IP networking and there have been no hybrid learning models combining online assignments with direct hands-on practice with network equipment for technicians in our industry,” says Control4 senior director of training and support Ted Haeger.

“We believe our approach and PCNA curriculum will prove effective and may become a new standard for technician training.”

The first two courses of the PCNA are available beginning today for Control4 and Pakedge Dealers at The schedule for the full curriculum of courses is as follows:

  • Course 1: Networking Essentials – available today
  • Course 2: Switches – available today
  • Course 3: Routers – available September 26, 2017
  • Course 4: Wireless Access Points – available October 3, 2017
  • Course 5: Remote Monitoring & Management – available October 10, 2017
  • Course 6: Network Planning – available October 17, 2017

A brief walkthrough video with an overview of the course materials is available here:

For more information on enrolment, please visit

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