Control4 announce its new Triad Designer Series in-ceiling speakers

Triad Designer Series in-ceiling speakers

Control4 has announced the availability of its new Triad Designer Series of high-performance in-ceiling speakers. A crisp sound is produced from a 4” speaker grille which makes them the ideal solution for sophisticated home design and good sound performance.

In the past the choice for in-ceiling speakers has meant that sound and design is often compromised as due to the smaller size of speakers, more are needed to fill a room which results in the design element being thrown out the window. Alternatively, invisible speakers tick the design boxes but don’t deliver good sound quality and maintenance can often be a major hassle when needed.

The Triad Designer Series are engineered to hide neatly within a ceiling while still projecting crisp and clear sound throughout the area. Through the use of Triad’s Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) tweeter, sound is produced at a high quality without compromising design.

The DS4-FR full-range speaker also includes two woofers and a UBD tweeter that emits sound through a 150° field and minimises spots where the music is too loud or too quiet.  Due to the wooden finish, sound is kept in the rooms where it’s wanted and out of the rooms it’s not.

“My clients love music and want to be able to listen to it throughout their home. It’s something that has become a staple in most of my building projects. But it’s not always easy to balance the performance requirements with the design aesthetic my customers expect,” says Barroso Homes representative Rose Barroso.

“I now have a solution that is low-profile and sleek, but also delivers the music quality that my homeowners expect.”

The Designer Series brings sorts out the trifecta of needs when designing a room; great sound, elegant design and the ability to be serviced without having to cut a massive hole in any wall.

The Triad Designer Series comes with a 10 year warranty and is available now. For more information, please visit

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