Collaborative project delivers glare resistant Augmented Reality glasses

AR glassesFor a long time now, Augmented Reality (AR) has been seen as the holy grail of  interactive technology.

Now, HiScene, Inuitive and Heptagon have teamed up to take AR another step forward with HiAR Glasses, the next generation of AR glasses.

The companies worked together to develop a complete solution for advanced 3D depth sensing and AR/VR applications that delivers excellent performance even in changing light conditions and outdoors. HiAR Glasses incorporate Inuitive’s NU3000 Computer Vision Processor and Heptagon’s advanced illumination. The combined technologies provide a superior and seamless user experience, marking a new standard in the current market.

The glasses’ AR operating system provides stereoscopic interactivity, 3D gesture perception, intelligent speech recognition, natural image recognition, inertial measuring unit (IMU) displayed with an improved 3D graphical user interface.

Inuitive’s NU3000 serves AR Glasses by providing 3D depth sensing and computer vision capabilities. This solution acts also as a smart sensors hub to accurately time-stamp and synchronise multiple sensors in a manner that off-loads the application processor and shortens the development time.

Heptagon provides unique IR Pattern Illuminators, which were chosen to handle changing light conditions and plain surfaces.  In addition, the range and Field of Illumination features of Heptagon’s LIMA stereo pattern projector ensure superior lighting and added texture for higher-quality images.

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