Cogworks renews partnership with Artnovion

Cogworks has announced that it has renewed its partnership with Artnovion, experts in acoustic treatments and allied products for residential home cinema, professional, architectural, commercial and medical sectors.

Artnovion is producing many new lines to add to its existing product range, which Cogworks will add to its offerings. Cogworks has a core range of products, such as Sparta, Avalon Flow and Atlantis Flow, that are easy to install, and contribute to reducing installation time.

To make it easier for integrators to promote acoustically treated rooms, Cogworks will work with dealers to create an acoustically ideal package with Artnovion’s design service. It will result in an impressive showcase for potential clients.

Artnovion chief executive Jorge Castro says he’s excited to be working with the new Cogworks team and looking forward to the opportunity to visit Australia as soon as is allowed.

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