Chowmain Software releases PCS – PulseWorx URC total control module

Chowmain Software has released a new control module for PulseWorx which can integrate into a URC total control system.

Powerline Control Systems (PCS), developer and manufacturer of lighting and electrical control devices for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, provides a complete range of products under the SimpleWorx, PulseWorx and GreenWorx brands.

Each of these product lines gives customers an affordable, flexible and scalable lighting control system.

PulseWorx lighting controls provides one-touch control over any of a home’s lights through keypads, dimmers, switches and plug-in receivers. With its UPB technology, invented by PCS, the dimmers and keypads use the standard residential wiring to control and create dramatic scenes without having to run additional wiring—providing an affordable and flexible lighting control option.

The URC module features:

  • IP control
  • Directly control the lights
  • Direct control over scenes
  • Supports password protected PIM’s
  • Get the current device level for use in your macros
  • Get current scene state for use in your macros
  • Can use driver commands for quick setup

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