Chowmain releases free Dahua door station driver for Control4

Chowmain Software has released a new, free, Dahua doorstation driver for Control4, providing bi-directional video and audio communications between select door stations and Control4’s T3 and T4 touchscreens, as well as iOS/Android mobile apps (with 4sight).

The drive allows the user to trigger door releases from the touchscreen and the integrator to program against real-time smart events such as motion detection, doorbell button press and the door status.

This door station can be configured automatically by the driver to work with Control4 for convenient setup and configuration.

Other features include:

  • The ability to set Control4’s Intercom Custom Button to unlock the door.
  • Ability to use the door station as a regular IP camera stream, viewable via the Security > Cameras section of Control4’s user interface.
  • Set the microphone gain and speaker volume of the door station from the Intercom Proxy.
  • The use of contact sensor bindings to handle programming.

Models supported include the: DHI-VTO2202F-P; DHI-VTO2202F; DHI-VTO2211G-WP; DHI-VTO2211D-P-S2; DHI-VTO2211G-P; DHI-VTO1201G-P; and the DHI-VTO1101D-P.

The relevant door stations will require a custom firmware available with the driver download.

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