Chowmain now developing RTI drivers

RTI and Chowmain

Chowmain is proud to announce that it now develops RTI drivers thanks to the support from RTI in providing all the resources, training and hardware required to hit the ground running.

The four new drivers to be launched are currently in beta testing and will be launched within the next month.  Chowmain is currently looking for beta testers so feel free to reach out to the company for further details.

Sensibo Wifi HVAC controller

This is a budget WiFi based HVAC controller designed to control IR controllable HVAC systems.  It has IR input, IR blaster, temperature sensor and humidity sensor built in.

PJLink Universal Projector controller

This universal projector protocol allows the user to control hundreds of projectors, ideal for commercial environments.  Feedback into RTI ensures that any dealer can proactively support faults when they happen or replace lamps when lamp hours reach a certain point.

TP-Link HS1XX Smart Wifi Outlet

These budget smart WiFi outlets allow for easy on/off control over devices plugged in.  Energy feedback can be used to detect when a device goes into standby or active state to program automated events such as the turning on of TVs, receivers and other devices.

Yeelight Smart Wifi lighting

These budget smart WiFi lights allow for two way dimming, RGB control and colour temp control/feedback.

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