Celerity cables to begin CFO delivery


Celerity Technologies will begin delivery of short length fibre optic cables for back of rack and in-room system connections. The cables will be shown at CEDIA 2017 at booth #1111.

The Celerity Fibre Optic (CFO) cables are made for Ultra HD in-room connection.  Power for the transmit side is provided through HDMI 5V while the receiving side has an integrated 5V USB power cable.

CFO cables will be available in 6ft, 10ft, 16ft and 25ft lengths and support 18Gbps. The slim design of the cable means it is easy to manage and does not have any cable-bend pressure.

“Our customers have been asking for shorter length fibre cables to pair with the high-end Blu-ray players, UHD televisions and projectors. The benefit of fibre optic cables for high performance component connections is substantial,” says Celerity director of business development Buzz Delano.

“Fibre optic cables are interference-free and they have no attenuation loss between the source and the display. Premium performance customers have long known that an optical connection is the best and that’s where Celerity provides the best value.”

For more information, please visit www.celeritytek.com.

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