CEDIA works with the IET in the UK

CEDIA in the UK has collaborated with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to contribute to its latest publication, the ‘Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings’. Published from October 2016, the report outlines the latest standards and guidance for home technology professionals and engineers, helping them stay up-to-date with constantly evolving building systems.

The newly published ‘Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings’, also known as ‘IET Standards TC4.1 Connected Systems Integration’ or ‘IET PSSI001P’, has been developed to promote good practice in the specification, design and integration of connected systems in buildings. The document outlines the importance of a robust planning process, an essential foundation for any successful project.

Representing CEDIA, members of its Education and Standards Committee, Peter Aylett and Krystian Zajac, have provided the IET with expert advice and knowledge to ensure the best code of practice for industry professionals.  This includes recommendations for necessities such as the layout of cable routes, equipment space and ventilation, alongside the consideration of network bandwidth and power distribution. The document explores how to improve connectivity, communications networking and connected systems integration for user access in residential and commercial buildings.

“This is one of the most significant and credible published documents for our industry to date,” comments Peter Aylett. “As connected systems in buildings continue to evolve, they are becoming highly complex and interconnected. In addition, system compatibility and configuration issues can present challenges to successful integration and operation. This document has been published to help all stakeholders in the construction industry appreciate best practice to overcome built environment, integration and technical installation issues, ensuring the best end user experiences.”

Krystian Zajac continues, “Covering all the main areas related to connected buildings – from AV, through lighting, HVAC to power and thermal management – this code of practice is comprehensive, relevant and informative. Without doubt, it is a must have reference for all professionals within the home technology industry.”

The full documentation can be purchased at www.theiet.org  for £60 or £39 for IET Standard members. CEDIA members are entitled to receive a 25% discount code off all IET Standards and can receive the code by visiting cedia.co.uk/standards.

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