CEDIA supports new apprenticeship standard

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in the UK has, with the support of CEDIA members, developed and approved a new Smart Home Technician apprenticeship standard.

CEDIA, recognising the huge demand for skilled labour in the home technology industry, has supported the aim to bring new blood into the industry by facilitating a Trailblazer group which was instrumental in writing the framework for the new apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship will target those keen to install, configure and maintain a range of electrically connected digital home technologies. Participants will develop a comprehensive knowledge base and skill set, thus building a skilled workforce for the future.

Areas of focus include: documentation; data and IP networking; automation and control; structured wiring, cables and connectors for digital infrastructure; and system verification and testing.

CEDIA education manager Aneta Armova-Levin says the standard gives young minds the chance to explore the world of integration, helping them to find career paths within the industry.

“Now that it has received approval and is ready for delivery, our plan is to raise awareness of this apprenticeship standard to education providers. Once there are apprenticeships based on the scheme on offer, integrator companies will be able to apply, and access the funding to, employ one of these apprentices.”

Members involved in the program include: Bespoke Home Cinemas, Homeplay, Hughes Electrical, Graham’s HiFi, Inspired Dwellings, Install Automation, James and Giles, Loxone UK, Philharmonic Audio Visual and Visualisation Limited.

Aneta adds: “It is great to finally get an apprenticeship standard in place and we look forward to seeing new blood joining our industry through this program in the future.”

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