CEDIA is encouraging members to renew membership now

CEDIA is encouraging members to renew membership nowCEDIA is encouraging all members to renew their annual memberships before 24 February to continue access to its education programs, literature, networking events, awards ceremony and much more.

“2016 was a monumental year for CEDIA and its members,” said CEDIA marketing managing director Matt Nimmons.

“Alongside hosting our biggest CEDIA Awards yet, CEDIA has continued to grow its education offering across the UK and EMEA region and has launched new tools to help CEDIA members interact, learn and engage with the industry and fellow professionals. Last year, membership grew by a significant 11%, with 154 new members from a range of countries, including its first members from Angola, Qatar and Turkey. With a number of new initiatives lined up for this year, it has never been a better time to join CEDIA.”’

CEDIA has also announced the new I AM CEDIA series for 2017. This initiative has been developed to allow CEDIA to get closer to members, find out how they got into the home technology profession, uncover their personal back-story and learn about their dreams, desires and tastes. By understanding these CEDIA can tailor membership benefits and goals around members.

To watch the first three videos in the series visit the CEDIA HQ YouTube channel.

“Being a CEDIA member company adds value when we’re presenting Cyberhomes to prospective clients. It substantiates that we have a commitment to training our designers and engineers and working to industry standards. We encourage all our staff to take advantage of the CEDIA events to continually broaden and enhance their knowledge,” says Cyberhomes director Ion Smith.

“We’ve been a member of CEDIA for a long time and have benefited from its commitment to education, training and professional development. CEDIA also presents us with an opportunity to network and engage with a wider industry audience as well as gain access to a range of valuable resources,” says Meridian Audio director of marketing Rayner Sheridan.

“Our industry is continuously and rapidly evolving as the consumer demands for IoT devices, Voice Control, VR and other technologies start to play an important role in the Custom Install Industry. CEDIA too is evolving with the globalised initiative which is going to be the largest and most important reform for the industry in 2017. We are in a transition time of great significance and I’m delighted to renew my membership in 2017 to be part of the evolving success of CEDIA worldwide,” says Trescent CEO and managing director Harshual Parikh.

To renew your CEDIA membership please visit www.cedia.net/renew  or for further details on CEDIA membership, please visit www.cedia.co.uk/join-cedia, or alternatively email membership@cedia.co.uk.

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