CEDIA fuses design with technology

CPD_FRH_UK_CoverShotThe integration of smart home technology is fast becoming the norm for households up and down the country. As such, design and build professionals are increasingly quizzed on their smart home knowledge, making it now more important than ever to understand this technology to be able to provide the service that is now fully expected by the client.

“As more everyday devices become connected to the internet, so too does the desire for integrating technology into the home increases,” explains Lauren Tuckwell, CEDIA’s Regional Development Consultant for Australia and New Zealand.

“What was once considered an optional add-on is now expected as standard. With consumers wanting the technology to be integrated and concealed within the design, they often turn to the architect for advice and guidance, so this audience needs to be able to discuss the benefits, the functions, and the aesthetics of home technology with their clients.”

One way for design and build professionals to ensure that their knowledge is at the required level, is to attend CEDIA’s “Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes” CPD that is accredited by the Australian Institute of Architects. This course explains how to talk intelligently with clients and other members of the design team when discussing home technology. Attendees gain an understanding on how to achieve the successful integration of smart home technologies and systems by sharing some alternatives and explaining how to incorporate the various systems without detracting from the design within 21st century homes.

Delivering a smart home to a client requires collaboration between the design and build professional and the technology integrator. CEDIA members are integrators who specialise in the planning, design, supply, installation, and concealment of technology systems for the modern, intelligent home. They partner directly with design professionals to maximise the lifestyle, function, aesthetic, and efficiency benefits of the connected home for their clients.

Technology can be a standout feature in a space, or blend transparently into the environment so that it doesn’t detract from the flow of the design. Either way, a CEDIA member will ensure that the integrity of the project is never compromised, and the technology is seamlessly integrated. Members can install anything from multi-room audio and home cinema systems to complete home networks and sub-systems which intelligently control lighting, security, and HVAC.

CEDIA offers a Finder Service on its website, which allows design and build professionals to locate their nearest technology integrator. Users can search CEDIA member companies by postcode, services, and certification.

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