CEDIA extends accessibility for ECS cards

CEDIA has announced it will now be easier for CEDIA members to obtain an ECS Home Technology Integrator Card as availability has been extended through two additional CEDIA Certifications.

Previously, only those who had a current Technical Certification were eligible for an ECS card but now CEDIA’s Network and Designer qualifications are being recognised as related disciplines.

“An ECS card is essential for anyone working in our industry for many reasons. It not only confirms that the cardholder meets the required level of health and safety awareness but it also displays their industry qualification.  The card is also a valid identification for gaining access to a construction site or customers’ property,” says CEDIA EMEA managing director Matt Nimmons.

The ECS Home Technology Integrator card was launched in 2013 after the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and CEDIA joined forces to formally recognise the skills of integrators in the UK. The ECS card is fully affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) scheme, providing a simple and effective way to obtain access to construction sites and provide proof of identity and qualification levels.

“By expanding the card to cover the Networking and Designer certifications, we are hoping to facilitate site access to more industry professionals and further raise the public profile of CEDIA certifications,” says Matt.

For those new to the industry, CEDIA has also introduced a one-year Trainee ECS card available for those going through CEDIA’s Smart Home Technician or Smart Home Designer Tracks. To qualify for this card, integrators will need to pass their ECS Health and Safety assessment.

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