CEDIA APAC AWARDS 2019 – Winner of Best Media Room Level II – Wavetrain Cinemas

Wavetrain Cinemas was tasked with creating this winning project ‘Wonderwall’ with the main requirement being a seven-meter wide artwork wall without venturing into commercial equipment as it was too expensive.

The client wanted the screen to portray AppleTV screensavers and also be able to watch movies on the same system.

The team at Wavetrain says: “His focus was very much on the video solution, but we quickly convinced him that the system needed to correctly address all aspects, including acoustically treating the room and sound isolating it from the rest of the home.”

The decision was made to use a commercial LCD projector with an interchangeable lens for the video wall. The room receives a lot of ambient light and, given that the room would be used with the blinds open, a grey screen was used to increase blacks.

Individually controlled blinds were installed counter the issue of light hitting the screen edge near the window. A Sony 4K projector, throwing out image of 130 inches wide, was installed. The audio system is centred on the video image behind an acoustically transparent screen – this allowed for correct positioning of speakers and subs, as well as helping to deal with the room acoustics.

Finally, the HVAC system in the room had to be redesigned as it was extremely noisy – it was one of the most complex projects the integrator had ever undertaken.



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