CEDIA APAC AWARDS 2019 – Winner of Best Media Room Level I – Glance

For this project, Japanese company Glance managed to create big results in a small, tricky space.

The budget-minded media room features a Kikuchi 120” screen that rises to reveal a 65” Panasonic OLED 4K TV.

The dual video options show that this is the very definition of a ‘media room’, a space used both for total, immersive focus on a movie through the Epson 4K projector and screen, or a more ‘social’ evening watching sports on the TV.

Glance uses free-standing and in-ceiling Linn speakers to great effect, both sonically and aesthetically. A single B&W subwoofer provides the low frequencies, and a Denon amp and AMX controller round out the AV systems.

Control is through an iPad along with elegant Panasonic lighting control panels.

The space extends into a bar area where even the equipment rack fits into the décor.

CEDIA’s judges were impressed by how the integrator overcame the challenges posed by a small room with a lot of hard surfaces which reflect sound and can make for a harsh listening experience.



AIM, AMX, Apple, B&W, Denon, Epson, Kikuchi, Linn, Panasonic, Sanus, Yamaha.

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