CEDIA APAC AWARDS 2019 – Winner of Best Integrated Home Level III – Len Wallis Audio

Initially engaged as a consultant on this project, Len Wallis Audio quickly became a solutions provider and scooped the CEDIA award for its input on ‘The Beach House’.

From the outset, the client (who is well researched on leading-edge home technology) set the objectives for the design. Len Wallis was asked, in a consulting role, to give unbiased advice on the available options for a modern, luxury smart home.

“The main wish was for a completely integrated smart home with all electrical sub-systems integrated into a single control solution,” says the company submission, adding that flexibility and cabling contingency were also very important to the client, who was mindful of future bandwidth limitations that traditional cabling could be susceptible to.

It was agreed that a high-end Savant solution would fit the needs of the client and, at that point, Len Wallis was contracted into the project as solution provider.

The audio system includes seven audio zones with four catering to 4K distributed video and three surround sound zones, as well as outdoor audio devices.

The home includes a backup network solution – if the cable internet feed goes down, a 4G modem takes over.

Automated scenes include: smoke detection which triggers lights and opens doors; evening lighting; wake-up settings; and lights out at 9 p.m. in all the kids’ bedrooms.

User-initiated scenes include: ‘Living Music’ for background audio; and ‘Entertain’ which includes a party playlist and dimmed lighting.

CEDIA’s judges commended the nice lighting solutions in the project, calling the project “just a very, very solid integration.”



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