CEDIA announces new accessibility to Certification exams

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CEDIA has announced that its Certification exams will now be accessible through Kryterion Global Testing Solutions, which has over 1,000 testing centres around the world.

“It has been a long-standing goal of CEDIA to make our certification exams more accessible to our members around the world,” says CEDIA certification manager David Whitney.

“Members who previously could only take certification exams at the CEDIA show or at another CEDIA training event now have the flexibility to take the exam close to home.”

CEDIA vice president of global development Wendy Griffiths says that the availability of these testing areas is very exciting.

“As we look to expand CEDIA’s footprint, it is very exciting to offer our certification exams on a truly global scale. In the UK, for example, we previously had only one testing location and now there are 27 available locations for individuals to take a CEDIA Certification exam,” says Wendy.

Kryterion also provides exam development resources that will result in CEDIA exams being updated more efficiently while still adhering to testing practices.

The certification tests include ESC (both in English and Spanish), ESC-T, ESC-D and ESC-N. For those looking to sign up for a certification exam will need to purchase a voucher through the CEDIA website which allows them to sit the exam.

Following the purchase, a link will be provided to a Kryterion login which lets participants select an exam time and location. A map of all the testing locations can be found on the Kryterion website.

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