CasaTunes will feature built-in support


CasaTunes music systems will now feature built-in support for Lutron RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS total home control systems.

The built-in support will allow customers the freedom to control their CasaTunes music using their Lutron pico controllers, keypads, and Lutron timer events. Basically, any user can configure a CasaTunes Action or Lutron timer event when a button is pressed.

The CasaTunes Actions include toggling the power for a room, skipping music tracks, switching to the previous or next source, playing or pausing the music, turning all rooms off and turning the volume up or down.

Each CasaTunes Action has various settings that are customisable. For instance, when you select the Power On action, a selection of which room to turn on, and optionally the initial room volume, the source to use, and a specific playlist.

The Lutron Audio PICO Wireless Controller is ideal for customers who are less tech savvy, and are looking for an easy way to control CasaTunes as it only has five buttons that allows the user to do the basics.

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