BTicino announces Classe 300X 13E video internal unit

Image 1AThe BTicino CLASSE 300X13E is a connected video internal unit, which combines modern technology with elegant design. Whether the end user wants to communicate through a smart phone or tablet, this unit now has the advantages of keeping them connected; anytime, anywhere.

The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity enables connection through a smartphone, so the user can communicate in an innovative and functional way. It allows them to answer calls, manage video door entries, switch on lights, see outside and even water the garden! After installing the CLASSE 300X13E, there are 3 steps to make this happen:

  1. Image 1BDownload the Door Entry App
  2. Select a Wi-Fi network
  3. The App will automatically connect with ‘CLASSE 300X3E’

Further, the company has ensured it has not changed installation rules.

The possibility of managing different functions using a smart phone is added to the simplicity of installation and 2-wire connection. No building work is required during installation and no IT skills are required when configuring the unit.

Watch the video here.

Featuring a wide 7” Touch Screen display, with a glossy glass-finish effect, the CLASSE 300X13E is ideal for people who value technology and innovation.

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