Bryston’s digital player is now Roon ready

roon ready

Bryston has announced new firmware for their digital music players that delivers Roon Ready capability.

Roon Labs has created a software solution that delivers the ultimate user experience by merging Bryston’s BDP digital playback hardware with an intuitive, graphically rich music library management and playback software.

Users get the superb sound of Bryston digital players with a highly refined user interface.

When using Roon, there are three components involved: The Roon Core, which must exist within a computer (PC or MAC) or a compatible drive on the home network so that it can have local access to your digital music collection, a remote or user interface (iOS or Android device as well as any computer) also on the network and an end point—which in this case would be any Bryston digital music player.

Adapting the Bryston BDP music players so they are now Roon Ready devices enables users to benefit from the remarkable sound quality of Bryston’s BDP-1, BDP-1USB and BDP-2 players with a bright, colourful and intuitive user interface that provides new features and accessibility to the listening experience.

Roon transfers the audio files to the Bryston BDP player using a bit perfect system, enabling Bryston’s ultra-precise clock, linear power supply and custom integrated audio device (IAD) to convert the content to a digital bitstream that is ready for an outboard DAC.

Another advantage of the Roon interface is their unique approach to TIDAL lossless streaming integration for subscribers. Now BDP users can have their TIDAL favourites aggregated with their local music library so that searches and playlists can include content from both sources.

With a simple firmware update, all BDP-1, BDP-1USB and BDP-2 devices become Roon Ready. BDP owners can use the Update Firmware function in Settings to update to the new version S2.28 firmware. Bryston is offering a free 60-day Roon trial coupon for a limited time within the services menu of the BDP after the firmware has been updated.

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