Bryston releases the Cubed Series

Bryston amp

Bryston has released a new Cubed Series which combines robust exteriors with finely tuned audio.

The Cubed models include; B1353, 2.5B3, 3B3, 4B3, 7B3 and 14B3 as the first stage and will be following up with the flagship 28B3 which is currently in the final stages of design, to be the final product to be released for the range.

To provide listeners with the best audio and design, Bryston has jointly developed a newly patented super-linear, low noise input buffer with Dr Alexandru Salomie. Renowned for designing new innovative amplifiers, Dr Salomie has provided Bryston with a powerful and dynamic edge in the audio industry. The new robust design alongside a 20 year warranty highlights how Bryston maintains new style and technology with reliability and quality.

Through in depth development with Dr Salomie, Bryston Cubed Series incorporates a delicious depth of focus, an expanded spaciousness and better over dimensionality to listeners. Compared to previous products, Bryston has further strengthened its mid-bass clarification and openness in high frequencies. These new and fine-tuned modifications stand head and shoulders above competitors, as listeners are being provided with quality, durability and design without any compromise.

The numerous models available within the series will appeal to music enthusiasts, home theatre lovers and professional audio people. Two distinctly different models in the series include the 4B3 which is a 300-watt stereo amplifier and the 7B3 which is a 600-watt mono machine. Throughout the series, Bryston will continue to provide its customers with a variety of amplifiers, to meet the needs of its diverse community.

“Due to the lasting success of the Squared Series amplifiers, our engineers were afforded the luxury of being able to spend lots of time precisely developing this new line of amplifiers,” said Bryston chief executive Chris Russell.

All models will be available in stores in black and silver exteriors and will include an elegantly redesigned milled aluminium front panel.


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