Bryston BDA-3 takes the audiophile to the cinema

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Over the years, Bryston Audio has released cinema equipment and loudspeakers but now the manufacturer is bringing the two worlds together with the release of the BDA-3 DAC, providing the ‘perfect mix’ for audio and cinema enthusiasts.

The BDA-3 delivers sonic reproduction through superior re-sampling and re-clocking of the digital signal.

Containing inputs such as TOSLINK, coaxial, AES/EBU, HDMI and asynchronous USB, the BDA-3 can accommodate a considerable range of inputs. The inclusion of asynchronous technology allows the BDA-3 to control the flow of audio from a source component, eliminating timing irregularities.

When integrated into a cinema system, the two-channel HDMI inputs will allow end users to play SACD via HDMI, using a Blu-ray player. This in itself is a unique feature normally limited to all-in-one SACD players.

The most notable difference between the Bryston BDA-2 and the new BDA-3 is the latter is compatible with direct stream digital (DSD) format. It can natively decode DSD-256 through both asynchronous USB inputs.

Bryston vice president of sales and marketing James Tanner says there are a number of audiophile customers who feel DSD decoded digital files sound better (more analogue-like) than standard PCM digital files.

“Market data indicates DSD fans are outnumbered by the more common PCM-oriented consumers, but in a leading edge product like the Bryston BDA-3 DAC, having compatibility with both formats is now an incorporated feature,” he says.

“More and more DSD music is becoming available and offering a DAC designed to deliver both DSD and PCM playback at a state of the art level is important in our market segment.

“Other than DSD capability, the Bryston BDA-3 offers a 4-in /1-out HDMI feature—the only DAC currently available (that we are aware of) to offer this feature. Many of the new DVD players and cable decoders only offer HDMI outputs so this feature has been well received by our customers.

“The HDMI input will also decode DSD from an SACD capable player. So versatility and performance has been the driver of BDA-3 sales for Bryston.”

James says the role DAC devices will play in the future of custom AV depends on the quality of performance a client requires.

“DAC’s are critical components in the final outcome of how good an AV system can sound,” he says.

“Like many products on the market, some are aimed at the mass market consumer and some like the BDA-3 are targeted to those who require the best audio performance available as well as a desire for superior quality of build. These are features in which Bryston has a well-deserved reputation.

“Overall, with the growth and adoption of an array of digital audio formats and consumer demand for high-performance, we anticipate the DAC will be the centrepiece of premium audio systems for years to come.”

The system is available in 17” and 19” wide dress panels in a sleek black or silver.

It provides the ideal solution for cinema enthusiasts who desire a more versatile sound system delivering audiophile quality sound.

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