Biamp targets retail and hospitality with multi-zone audio solutions

Biamp has announced the launch of the PREZONE2 dual-zone stereo preamplifier and the P30DT 4.25”, two-way pendant loudspeaker which are both designed for ease of use and exceptional music reproduction.

The PREZONE2 lets end users intuitively control audio source selection and volume across two audio zones. Alongside this, the P30DT adds design flexibility to Biamp’s already expansive loudspeaker catalogue by providing designers and integrators with a smaller pendant loudspeaker, ideal for venues where aesthetics are critical.

Using a straight-forward user interface from the PREZONE1, its successor lets users without any professional AV experience control both the audio source and volume in two areas. End users can also add public address features like paging and emergency alerts.

For integrators, the real panel inputs and outputs are laid out left to right in descending order of audio priority level, with individual controls for volume, gain and equaliser available for each priority level.

Altogether ease of use, audio performance and versatile make it ideal for retail and hospitality where the user may not be technically minded.

Also announced is the smaller, two-way P30DT pendant loudspeaker. This speaker, smaller than its larger sibling, the P60DT, has the same drivers as a CM30DTD in-ceiling loudspeaker and a 4.25” woofer and 1” tweeter which results in matched acoustic characteristics and performance.

Again ideal for retail and hospitality, the P30DT offers the same superior full-range music reproduction as the rest of Biamp’s pendant family and its wide coverage area allows for fewer loudspeakers while maintaining excellent speech intelligibility.

Available in black or white, the P30DT has a multi-position switchable transformer for constant voltage operation which is ideal for background and foreground applications.

“Biamp is excited to announce the PREZONE2 dual-zone preamplifier as a natural extension of the very popular PREZONE1 single zone model,” Biamp executive vice president of corporate development Joe Andrulis says.

“Two-zone applications are one of the fastest growing opportunities in the retail area for business owners who need to segment their audio by target audience or store layout. PREZONE2 makes this possible with a solution that’s as easy to use as their home stereo.

“Biamp designed PREZONE2 for the owner or employee rather than AV professional, and it pairs very well with the new P30DT pendant. Both products have several installer-friendly features that will make them favorites among integrators.”

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