Best Smart Thermostats for Alexa

We took a look recently at the best smart thermostats that work with Google Assistant and today we’ll be outlining your strongest options if you prefer Alexa.

Perhaps you have an Echo device and you’re looking for that Works with Alexa capability in a thermostat. Maybe you want your AI baked right in instead. Either way, we’ve got 7 superb smart thermostats that all play nice with Alexa.

7 Best Smart Thermostats for Alexa

  1. Google Nest Learning Third-Generation Works with Alexa
  2. ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control
  3. Johnson Controls GLAS Smart Thermostat
  4. Honeywell Programmable Thermostat
  5. Insteon Remote Control Thermostat
  6. Google Nest Thermostat E
  7. GoControl Thermostat Works with Alexa

1) Google Nest Learning Third-Generation Works with Alexa

Now rebranded as part of Nest folding back into Google, the iconic Learning Thermostat is now into its third iteration and better than ever before.

If you hate the idea of programming thermostats, you won’t need to bother with Learning. As the name hints, this device accustoms itself to your habits and self-optimizes heating and cooling.

Once in place, your input is minimal, then. While you can take charge in-app on yoru smartphone, you can also use Alexa for voice control. All you’ll need is an Echo smart speaker or smart display and you won’t need to lift a finger.

Design is stripped-down and subtle. Choose from 4 finishes to match your décor. Along with the temperature clearly displayed, you see a green leaf when your smart home is running energy-efficiently.

FarSight is a welcome touch. The display stays muted until it detects motion from a distance then greets you with the temperature on cue.

Home and Away mode streamlines heating and cooling when the house is unoccupied. As with all smart thermostats, you can expect to make savings of around 10% on your utility bills.

You can use sensors along with this thermostat for even more robust functionality.

As you’d expect from Google Nest, compatibility with other smart devices is broad. You can create routines and schedules so you’re welcomed home to a perfectly cooled house and the lights on to show you in.

Google Nest Learning remains one of the finest smart thermostats in 2020 despite stiff competition so check one out right here.

2) ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

When ecobee refreshed ecobee4, they changed the naming convention. The fifth-generation is known as SmartThermostat with Voice Control since Alexa comes built in.

If you have a Google Home or HomePod smart speaker, you can use Google Assistant or Siri. With Alexa, you don’t even need an Echo device to take the helm using voice commands.

Beyond simple voice control, interoperability is wide-reaching extending to SmartThings and If This, Then That.

With Alexa, you’ll be free to use the Drop In feature rendering your Echo devices a makeshift intercom. You can also send messages between devices.

The retooled ecobee is finished in glass and features an uprated processor and dual-band WiFi connectivity for your complete convenience. This allows you to take advantage of 5GHz connectivity and you’ll get supercharged performance.

Ecobee thermostats are hardwired so you’ll need to factor this in. Think about whether or not you can take the job on yourself or whether you’ll need to call in a contractor. There’s an installation video in-app.

ecobee’s all-new SmartThermostat with Voice Control helps you save money while enjoying comfort and convenience when it comes to climate control.

3) Johnson Controls GLAS Smart Thermostat

Not everyone is looking for the cheapest smart thermostat but the sleek GLAS by Johnson Controls makes a great choice if you have deep pockets and exacting tastes.

The 6-inch transparent OLED gives GLAS a sci-fi aesthetic that manages to look elegant rather than excessive. Touch controls are baked in giving you responsive navigation. Throw in an Echo device and you can take full advantage of Alexa for hands-free control.

If you’re not insistent on using Alexa, Microsoft’s proprietary AI digital assistant, Cortana, comes baked in. Google Assistant is also supported covering all main bases.

Running on Windows 10 IoT Core, scheduling and programming are straightforward. With your baselines set, user input is limited. GLAS adjusts heating and cooling intuitively as it starts to learn your habits.

Besides rock-solid climate control, the GLAS also monitors air quality both indoors and outside. Enjoy real-time reporting with feedback on humidity, carbon dioxide levels and any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) soiling the air quality in your smart home. Outdoors, GLAS keeps you abreast of pollen levels along with the UV Index and Air Quality Index.

While we can’t pretend GLAS is cheap, the best things in life seldom are. In return for that stiff price tag, you get potent functionality, valuable air quality metrics, and award-winning design: what’s not to love?

4) Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell has a deep bench of smart thermostats and this WiFi Color Programmable Thermostat punches above its weight and price band.

Compatible with the majority of 24-volt heating and cooling systems, you’ll be able to automate the workaday tedium of climate control at home. Not only can you make savings by using less electricity, you’ll end up more comfortable without needing to lift a finger. Never come home to a house too hot or too cold and don’t waste money heating or cooling unoccupied rooms either.

You can read temperature and humidity levels indoors and outside at a glance. You’ll receive alerts when it’s time to change the filter and also if there’s any interruption in web connectivity.

You’ll be able to customize the color touchscreen so you can display a backdrop inkeeping with your décor.

The Honeywell supports voice control with both Alexa and Google Assistant. All you’ll need is the requisite smart speaker and you can take charge hands-free.

While you can buy pricier Honeywell thermostats, we feel this nifty color model gives you all that you need and more.

5) Insteon Remote Control Thermostat

It’s impossible to curate a list of the best thermostats without including the classic Insteon Remote Control Thermostat.

As with all Insteon kit, you’ll need the Hub in place to benefit from robust remote control. Throw in an Echo device and you can use Alexa to control your thermostat hands-free.

This thermostat works well with most heating and cooling systems including 2-stage systems. Integrating fully with the overall system, you can control air duct dampers and ceiling fans as well as the temperature.

The unit can also act as an Insteon controller. It can activate other devices when the temperature hits designated levels.

Although this thermostat isn’t the greatest looker, if you’re looking to automate heating and cooling at home on a budget and you’re committed to an Insteon ecosystem, it’s a smart bet.

6) Google Nest Thermostat E

Google Nest offers Thermostat E for those who want many of the benefits of the legendary Learning without such a steep price tag.

You should first check out the design of this thermostat and decide whether it would slot neatly into your living room. Appearance polarizes opinion but if you’re OK with the looks, what else does this WiFi thermostat offer?

You can obviously use Google Assistant but you’ll also be free to deploy Alexa if you’ve got your smart speaker lined up.

If you prefer app-based control, you can stay connected to your home remotely wherever you happen to be.

Although you don’t get the same extent of intelligent and intuitive functionality found on Learning, programming is a cakewalk and you can build out from a basic schedule and see how you go.

Home/Away Assist keeps energy costs down when you’re away from home but you’ll always come back from work to a house heated or cooled to your requirements.

Energy reporting in-app allows you to see how and where you’re expending energy at home. Along with intelligent and optimized heating and cooling, you could notice a drop in your power bills of perhaps 10%.

7) GoControl Thermostat Works with Alexa

Last but certainly not least, GoControl serves up a pocket-friendly Z-Wave thermostat ideal for both retrofit and new-build use.

Design could most accurately be described as minimalist bordering basic but how about the way it works?

Suitable for standard HVAC systems and pump HVAC systems, you’ll get Z-Wave connectivity. This means you’ll want a hub and compatible devices if you want to use your thermostat in line with other tech in your home. For many, this is as simple as getting the lights to come on when you return home with the temperature just the way you like it.

If you like the idea of hands-free control, the GoControl supports Alexa if you have a smart speaker or smart display in the house.

While you won’t get any bells or whistles here, what you do get is a cost-effective way to automate climate control while paying less month on month for power consumption.

Add Expert Installation for Your Thermostat

Some smart thermostats come hardwired so you might not feel comfortable doing this work yourself. Indeed, unless you’re confident working with electrics, we would advise you don’t do it yourself.

If you want to add expert installation to any of the smart thermostats above, you can do so right here.

Final Word

Well, we trust by now you’ve seen a representative sample of smart thermostats that play nicely with Alexa. In most cases, all you’ll need is an Echo device. With some thermostats, Alexa comes fully integrated.

Bookmark our blog for impartial reviews of the best tech along with how-to guides for all levels of home automation and the latest smart home news.

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