BenQ’s shipping new conferencing cameras

BenQ is shipping a range of new conferencing cameras which aim to bring the meeting room to life, each equipped to take on different workplace scenarios.

The release comes at a time when effective video conferencing and remote team collaboration is more important than ever.

BenQ’s conference cameras integrate with existing interactive displays, wireless smart projectors and smart signage.

For huddle spaces, there’s the DVY21 1080P Meeting Room Webcam which combines full HD video, 88° field of view and omnidirectional microphones of exceptional video and audio quality in smaller rooms. It also automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions of the room.

The DVY22 4K UHD Conference Camera with digital zoom is ideal for medium-sized spaces with a 4K UHD camera and omnidirectional noise-suppressing microphones and a 126° wide field of view for a versatile meeting room solution.

It also comes with a four-time digital zoom and AI-powered auto framing.

And finally, for larger spaces, there’s the DVY23 1080P Conference Camera with optical zoom. Boasting an ultra-clear and detailed 1080p video quality and premium pan/tilt/zoom functionality, the solution is capable of holding conferences with a large team in big spaces.

It also features a 20-time optical zoom and outputs video to USB 3.0, HDMI, 1GbE with PoE and 3G-SDI. Control ports include RS232, RS422, RS485, LAN and remote control.

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