BenQ’s InstaShow wireless presentation system simplifies meeting collaboration

instashowAs the popularity of presentation systems continues to grow, BenQ has announced its plans to claim the market with the launch of its new InstaShow WDC10 – a plug-and-play presentation system that wirelessly connects a user’s computer to a central display or projector.

With the touch of a button, the meeting collaboration system allows up to eight participants to instantly share their laptop or device screen in full HD.

“Today’s meeting spaces require solutions that enable all meeting participants to seamlessly share content with the group without the hassle of cables, connectors or even software,” says BenQ Australia managing director Martin Moelle.

“With InstaShow, any participant — even a guest — can automatically take control of the meeting and share content with the group, without slowing down the presentation or disrupting the flow of conversation.”

The InstaShow WDC10 is compatible with all operating systems and any display with an HDMI port. It features excellent image quality in full HD and fast transfer time via WLAN standard 802.11ac support that ensures absolutely smooth wireless streaming without lag or buffering. It only requires simple HDMI and USB 3.0 connections to the user’s device and the screen. There are no additional hardware or software requirements, providing simple, fast deployment into any space, streamlining the meeting experience.

The InstaShow WDC10 kit consists of two transmitters, which connect via HDMI and USB 3.0 to the participants’ laptop or tablet device, and a receiver that connects via HDMI to the room’s display or projection device. Up to eight transmitters can simultaneously connect wirelessly to the receiver. Featuring latency of less than 0.1 seconds, the InstaShow WDC10 transmits content and audio from a participant’s device to the display without any noticeable lag for an unparalleled presentation experience. The system can also switch from clear presentation mode to BenQ’s exclusive InstaVideo mode with the simple push of a button on the participant’s interface, instantly transmitting smooth 1080p video streams from the device to the display.

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