BenQ releases top range W3000 projector

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Tech giant BenQ has announced the addition to its REC.709 Home Video Projectors with the W3000 projector.

W3000 takes the home cinema experience to another level thanks to technology that achieves the Rec.709 standard for high definition colour reproduction.  As seen in the previously released W2000,  the W3000 is equipped with a 1080p Full HD optimised optical system for unmatched picture clarity and details, along with vertical and horizontal lens shift, side projection, short-throw technology, 1.5x Zoom, as well as Full HD wireless connectivity and user-friendly interface.

Only displays that conform to Rec. 709 can reproduce the original quality and authentic colour of HD content. That level of quality is now available in home projection with the release of the W2000/ W3000 Home Video Projectors, which are precision calibrated utilising a 6-times speed RGBRGB colour wheel with finely tuned coating and colour segments to replicate stunning true colours for a superb viewing experience.

 In order to build a colour wheel that produces Rec. 709 colours, BenQ took extra effort in the hardware design for colour wheel angle and coating, software optimisation for colour fine-tuning and also production line quality control to make sure that W2000/W3000 projector delivers perfect Rec. 709 performance.

 With BenQ Cinematic Colour, you can now see the colours that film directors want you to see and enjoy consistent image performance for the entire movie.

BenQ Home Video Projectors feature the exclusive CinemaMaster technology, turning any room into a world-class home theatre with video and audio enhancements. The W3000’sVideo Enhancerfeatures include Motion Enhancer, Colour Enhancer, Pixel Enhancer and Flesh Tone Enhancer. BenQ lets you hear the difference, as well. Its audio system features speakers housed in resonant sound chambers along with BenQ CinemaMaster Audio Enhancer powered by MaxxAudio.

This powerful digital sound enhancement engine incorporates the same Waves’ breakthrough algorithms used by Hollywood studios to dramatically boost the bass and treble, creating stereo effects that truly immerse the audience.

BenQ Home Video Projectors create true-to-life performance with an ANSI contrast ratio that significantly surpasses that of non-DLP projectors for the cleanest, most detailed visual performance. These projectors produce industry-leading High Fill Factor by boosting light levels in each individual pixel for more defined details, so you will not be distracted by pixilated graphics.

Projector set-up can be achieved in a few minutes and with the versatile short-throw projection, a 100-inch viewing area is possible at only 2.5 meters. The Big Zoom feature easily adapts to any room configuration. Vertical lens shift allows the projected image to be shifted up or down and horizontal placement is possible W3000’s H/V lens shift functionality. Side projection with 2D keystone is also available with the W3000. 

The optional Wireless Full HD kit allows streaming of uncompressed 1080p content to the projector even in 3D. One-time Setup detects and connects the kit automatically. The wireless kit’s four antennas extend coverage up to 100 feet, even through walls, while Dynamic Frequency Selection compensates for signal loss by switching channels.

 Whether watching the latest blockbuster, playing video games, or catching a sports game with mates, BenQ Home Video Projectors provides a user-friendly, affordable and professional level audio visual experience is within everyone’s reach with the W3000 Home Video Projectors.  

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