BenQ launches the DuoBoard at the Workplace Technology Summit

BenQ released an array of new products at its Workplace Technology Summit in Melbourne last week including an interactive flat panel, DuoBoard and system-embedded smart projectors for business among others.

The DuoBoard is a corporate interactive flat panel that enables extended collaboration. Its best-in-class tools are designed to let users reach infinite 4K possibilities.

It facilitates multitasking by letting users open two applications simultaneously while a Duo OS system enables cross-platform compatibility between Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.

By combining two borderless panels side-by-side, the DuoBoard becomes an ideal collaboration space with the whiteboarding app EZWrite integrated. Available in 65” and 86” sizes, it also features advanced Projected Capacitive (P-cap) technology to enable accurate and precisise touch responses on the screen and smooth handwriting.

“As the workplace and classroom is transforming into a more agile, connected and flexible environment with the BYOD trend, we see the growing needs for smart and innovative solutions in the corporate and education world,” BenQ Australia managing director Martin Moelle says.

“Investing in the right technology can help businesses and schools enhance teamwork and efficiency that lead to better results and greater innovation, and thereby achieving higher productivity.

“With the launch of our new products and the integrated corporate and education display solutions, BenQ believes that we will further strengthen our position in the Australian market, after continuously growing market shares in the interactive flat panel and the projector segments for both corporate and educational use.”

The newly-launched smarter projectors for business feature a built-in Android OS with useful apps inbuilt to enable wireless mirroring without any drivers and video conferencing. USB drives also support the BYOD trend in professional settings today.

Besides the standard throw models EH600, EW600 and EX600 with resolutions of Full HD, WXGA to XGA respectively, the short throw models EX800ST and EW800ST even incorporate hassle-free management apps to manage across BenQ business smart projectors and interactive flat panels, such as Account Management System (AMS), Device Management Solution (DMS) and X-Sign Broadcast that can deliver instant messages onto the projection screens.

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