BenQ launches GS1 portable LED projector

BenQ_launches_GS1_portable_LED_projectorBenQ has announced a new outdoor entertainment solution, the GS1, which will transform camping trips.

The GS1 is a plug and play, palm-sized portable LED projector with built-in USB readers that allows users to enjoy video content with no cables. It can be paired with Bluetooth speakers to stream audio and has a detachable three hour battery.

GS1 will power up in just three seconds and features an intuitive user interface with inputs that enable multimedia entertainment and online streaming.

“As camping and outdoor holidays continue to grow in popularity, families are searching for new activities that can help them spend quality time together. The GS1 is the ideal solution, delivering portable entertainment that’s suitable for all ages,” says BenQ Australia business development manager Andrew Lambkin.

The GS1 will project against a tent, caravan or motor home, while auto keystone adjusts the image to suit the screen and the foot is manually adjustable to suit the height of the temporary screen. The GS1 also comes with a set-up wizard and saves settings automatically so that the next time you use it, it’s ready to go.

“We are delighted to launch this new outdoor projector that is small enough to fit into any space ensuring it will be part of your essential camping kit,” says Andrew.

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