BenQ business solution unveils optimised smart solutions at Computex 2017

BenQ business solution unveils optimised smart solutions at Computex 2017BenQ has introduced optimised and upgraded smart solutions focusing on trending technologies at Computex 2017. These include IoT, big data and cloud computing.

The wide range of solutions will cover a number of key verticals including:

  • Smart retail solutions. These rely on BenQ’s strength in hardware-software integration to release automated food ordering system, smart POS system, centralised content management system and automated meal-delivery robot. The solutions offer new directions for business operation in the service and retail industry through customer tracking, facial recognition, cloud management and big data management and analysis.
  • Smart manufacturing solutions. These focus on high efficiency, accuracy and automation. Apart from showcasing surveillance and environment safety solutions, BenQ will also reveal its latest robotic automation solutions. Through the added value from optical inspection and visual positioning, the robot arms come with higher accuracy and can successfully reduce factory workforce by 51%.
  • Smart healthcare solutions. The central supply robot MiBot was released to enhance efficiency in medical institutions by solving human resource shortage. MiBot facilitates the transportation of operating room wastes and equipment, which reduces the risk of cross infection while enhancing the operating rate of operating rooms by 30%.
  • Smart transportation solutions. These aim to ensure the safety of vehicles and car rental owners’ properties through vehicle management applications such as vehicle data analysis, image monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking, and the integration of cloud and imaging technology.
  • Smart enterprise solutions. The corporate training solution platform was unveiled to integrate with augmented reality (AR) technology and Human Capital Management system
  • Smart energy solutions. These aim to deliver a more optimized suite of energy management solutions.

“Our six smart business solutions focus on breaking into domestic and international markets through cutting-edge technologies like IoT, big data, and cloud computing,” said BenQ president of business solution TL Tseng.

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