Belgian Training Center hands out the 2000th KNX certificate

The VDAB Certified KNX Training centers in Vilvoorde and Bruges in Belgium were certified back in 1996 as the 13th Certified KNX Training Centre in Europe. With its very practical developed course material, its modern up to date infrastructure and trainers, VDAB successfully over the 20 recent years trained many jobseekers and employees. At the most recent KNX international conference for training centers organized in Bruges, VDAB proudly handed out the 2000e KNX Certificate to one of its trainees.

The trainee, Mr. Redant, originally employed as a sales man in the automobile/truck sector, but thanks to his participation at the VDAB technical home automation training program, changed his career around, founded his own company and now fully concentrates on KNX related projects. As a result he now also participated in the KNX advanced course at VDAB, for which he was handed out the 2000th KNX certificate issued by VDAB.

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