Barco Tech Day write-up: Oh the things you’ll UniSee

Last week, I visited Barco’s Port Melbourne office and had an in-depth look at what’s on offer, how its new tech works and what the company is working on.

Project manager Laki Virlios walked me through the Event Master family of screen management systems, the UniSee LCD video wall experience and the XT series of indoor LED displays among others.

The Event Master family is a range of modular screen management systems which starts at the EX model and ranges up through the S3-4K to the big daddy of event system solutions: the E2. The E2 is a dedicated multi-viewer that individually control up to 42 4K sources at the one time with the ability to be linked to up to eight other systems all working simultaneously.

Above: E2 Jr

It was designed with technicians in mind and can be accessed both from the front and back panel, a feature that can be crucial in some situations as the custom nature of large-scale projects calls for flexibility.

The entire Event Master family is able to be integrated with the Barco compact event controller (EC range) products which gives users a visual, touch screen control display.

What I could tell excited the crew most was the UniSee LCD video wall. Featuring the NoGap technology, the Barco video wall has some of the smallest bezels I’ve seen.

Above: UniSee wall

I was given a demonstration on how to service the individual panels which can take as short at five minutes according to the team. By unlocking a specific panel (or panels), a specially-designed mount disconnects the screen almost instantly and makes it safe to operate on while being pulled out from its position.

Once the servicing has been completed, the screen slides back into place on the wall and instantly calibrates with the rest of the display without any operation interference. The screen eventually detects the colour of the panels it’s alongside, not just the source, and corrects its colour accordingly.

“It’s not just quality we’re achieving, we want the durability and serviceability to be up to the same standard,” Laki says.

Again, citing the flexibility of Barco products, the UniSee can be installed for aesthetic purposes, board rooms for presentations or even control rooms.

The fast response and easy fix properties make it ideal for control rooms where multiple displays need to be shown at once.

And finally, the XT series indoor LED displays caught my attention at the front of the demo room. Laki explained to me that I was actually looking at nine displays all working in conjunction. You wouldn’t know from the complete lack of bezel edging in the individual displays.

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