Barco and Global Caché form partnership

Global Caché and Barco, which is distributed in Australia by Audio Visual Distributors, have formed an alliance to ensure that their combined products provide trouble free integration with Barco’s Overture Software and Global Caché hardware. The new partnership provides seamless compatibility of Global Caché hardware from within Barco’s IP-based Overture control software.

Overture is shipping now with Global Caché support and connectivity built-in.

Global Caché’s products connect any IR, serial and contact closure device to a WiFi and/or IP network so it can be controlled, automated and maintained by network-based software. The company offers other connectivity products and capabilities, including HDMI switching, a Raspberry Pi on board module, sensor input, IR learning, HTTP communication and the Control Tower IR database, available in the cloud.

Barco’s AV control software Overture was released in February 2017. Because it’s an IP-based software system, Overture is reportedly simpler and more economical to set up, install and manage than conventional hardware-based solutions. Any network-connected device with a browser can use Overture to control and monitor equipment – bringing a new world of flexibility to AV control systems.

“There is no doubt that the world is moving towards IP-based control and automation,” says Barco vice president Alex Carru.

“It’s the most scalable, simple and cost efficient way to deliver software solutions. Along with the many advantages there can be challenges involved when deploying installations where unconnected devices already exist, or are desired. Yes, many devices are IP- or WiFi-enabled, but others are not. Using Global Caché hardware to connect those previously unconnected devices to a wired or WiFi network enables customers and integration partners to deploy Overture with any electronic device they or their client chooses. Supporting Global Caché hardware is a no-brainer for us.”

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