AudioControl’s latest initiative: the Sound Partner Program

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Four architectural loudspeaker manufacturers have joined a new initiative run by AudioControl called the Sound Partners Program.

The initiative was implemented to create performance profiles defined by each of the manufacturer’s engineers.  When stored in the DSP onboard the AudioControl Director M-Series which has high-performance 8 and 16-channel amplifiers, it creates the ultimate whole-house entertainment/commercial audio platform for integrators.

Origin Acoustics, James Loudspeaker, Triad Speakers and Stealth Acoustics are the manufacturers that have provided critical performance measurements to AudioControl, enabling tailored profiles to be created and stored in software form.

“With today’s superlative loudspeaker designs, we acknowledge that products from these brands would likely require little if any fine-tuning in an ideal environment,” says AudioControl chief executive Alex Camara.

“However when you factor in individual room acoustics for each home, these speaker profiles achieve an important step in providing the custom integrator with the tools to deliver a premium entertainment experience by calibrating the systems for their clients. Together with the DSP capabilities in The Director M-Series amplifiers, AudioControl gives integrators the most efficient means to make that happen while differentiating themselves in a competitive market.”

The matrixing capabilities of the Director M-Series allow any of eight analog or two digital inputs to be routed to any zone output. The 2U M-Series M6400 and M6800 includes two digital SPDIF inputs plus two SPDIF outputs that are tied to the matrix so that any one of the input sources can be routed through the digital outputs.

These digital outputs can then be connected to the digital inputs on additional M-Series amplifiers, enabling integrators to use multiple amplifiers and assign input signal routing as needed. In the coming weeks the Director M-Series is expanding with the addition of two new models including a 1U, 8-channel solution called the M4800.

All models are capable of 100 watts per channel at 8 Ohms, 200 watts at 4 Ohms and 400 watts bridged. M-Series amplifiers offer powerful DSP-based functionality along with AudioControl’s legendary sound quality and can be used either as a standalone matrix-amplifier or as part of a 3rd party control system from companies including Crestron, Savant and Control 4.

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