AudioControl showcasing new products at ISE 2018


AudioControl will be showcasing the following products and more at ISE 2018, Booth 5-R115.

Director D-Series Multi-Zone Amplifiers

AudioControl Director models D4600 16-channel and D2800 8-channel high-powered amplifiers for whole-house entertainment have been engineered to address the needs of integators and deliver exceptional performance from a sleek form factor. Both D-Series amplifiers deliver an assortment of features, superb sound quality and fine-tuning capabilities.

The Power of DSP and the Sound Partners Program

AudioControl D-Series amplifiers use technology from the company’s Director M-Series amplifier lineup, delivering the benefits of DSP (digital signal processing) and onboard digital profiles of popular architectural loudspeakers created in conjunction with engineers from each brand.

Both D-Series models produce 100W and 200W per channel for high quality entertainment programming to any zone. Integrators can tailor the sound based on DSP profiles of leading speaker brands as part of AudioControl’s Sound Partners Program, and then fine-tune these DSP profiles by individual zones based on acoustic environment. AudioControl D-Series amplifiers enable integrators to deliver 8-channels of premium performance from a 1U chassis (D2800) or 16-channels from a 2U chassis (D4600) to accommodate most system configurations.

AudioControl’s DSP engine includes graphic and parametric equalisation by zone, network monitoring and programming. Channels are also bridgeable, which gives integrators flexibility during system setup.

AudioControl D-Series amplifiers are available exclusively through authorised dealers and integrators in Black Espresso brushed aluminum finish. Both units will become available beginning Q1, 2018.


M4840 Shallow-Depth Multi-Zone Amplifier

Director M-Series 4840 Shallow-Depth Multi-Zone Amplifier

AudioControl has introduced The Director M4840 amplifier for whole-house entertainment, made to address the needs of intergators and deliver exceptional performance from a form factor that is over 30% shallower than traditional rack-mounted amplifiers.

The Director Model M4840 delivers superb sound quality and fine-tuning capability all within a compact form factor that is a scant 29cm deep.

The AudioControl Director Model M4840 uses technology from the Director M-Series amplifier lineup and though its shallow chassis saves valuable rack space, its performance is not hindered.  The M4840 delivers 100W/200W per channel into an 8×10 stereo matrix that delivers the high quality entertainment programming to any zone.

The M4840 can be used as a standalone matrix-amplifier or as part of a complete smart home environment with drivers available for popular 3rd party control systems including Crestron, Savant, RTI or Control 4. AudioControl has also provided integrators with the flexibility to deliver 8-channels of premium performance from a 1U (M4800) or a 2U shallow (M4840) chassis to accommodate most systems.

The M4840’s DSP engine includes graphic and parametric equalisation by zone, network monitoring and programming plus the addition of zone and global volume control with individual channel/zone grouping via standard TCIP and zone audio presets.

Director Series amplifiers can be controlled onsite or remotely through their DCHP/fixed IP control. The M4840 also allows for the ability to bridge channels, giving integrators configuration flexibility for system setup.

Maestro M5 Home Theater Surround Processor

AudioControl has introduced the Maestro M5 surround preamp/processor, giving authorised dealers a high-performance solution for premium home theatre projects. The Maestro M5 takes advantage of the latest surround formats and advanced room correction technology to deliver unparalleled clarity in any size theater. The M5 can be paired with AudioControl’s superb line-up of 7 and 5-channel Savoy G3 and Pantages G3 theatre amplifiers to create a home theatre experience.

Heart Pumping Cinematic Excitement

The Maestro M5 is based upon the award-winning audio and video platform used in AudioControl’s line of home theatre receivers. The M5 offers Dolby Atmos and DTS-X immersive audio surround formats and Dirac Live room correction along with dual balanced XLR inputs and balanced XLR outputs for all channels. There are inputs for seven HDMI sources plus dual HDMI outputs (ARC compatible) as well as an ultra HD 4K video pass-through and upscaling capability that includes support for High Dynamic Range (HDR).


All the Right Features

In addition to the balanced XLR outputs that include the height channels for immersive formats, The M5 features unbalanced RCA outputs on all channels.

Each input can be named and re-named to match the source unit as desired by the user, and there is a USB input on the rear panel for connecting an external source and/or for facilitating firmware updates. The M5 comes with an intuitive programmable remote control and has Ethernet plus RS232 jacks and software drivers available for compatibility with popular smart home platforms.

AudioControl Sound Partners Program

AudioControl has announced a new industry alliance initiative called the AudioControl Sound Partners Program.

The objective of the Sound Partners Program is to work with architectural speaker manufacturers in order to implement performance profiles defined by their engineers which, when stored in the DSP onboard the AudioControl Director M-Series and D-Series high-performance 8 and 16-channel amplifiers, creates a whole-house entertainment/commercial audio platform for professional integrators.

An ever-expanding list of the most prominent architectural loudspeaker manufacturers have joined the Sound Partners Program with each company providing critical performance measurements that allows profiles to be tailored and stored in software form.

“With today’s superlative loudspeaker designs, we acknowledge that products from these brands would likely require little if any fine-tuning in an ideal environment,” says AudioControl chief executive Alex Camara.

“However when you factor in individual room acoustics for each home, these speaker profiles achieve an important step in providing the custom integrator the tools to deliver a premium entertainment experience by calibrating the systems for their clients. Together with the DSP capabilities in The Director M-Series amplifiers, AudioControl gives integrators the most efficient means to make that happen while differentiating themselves in a competitive market.”

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