Atlona ships 4K HDR-capable HDMI audio de-embedder and downmixer

Atlona ships 4K HDR-capable HDMI audio de-embedder and downmixerAtlona has announced it is now shipping its new problem-solving AT-HDR-M2C, which converts multi-channel audio from 4K and HDR sources to digital and analogue stereo outputs.

The AT-HDR-M2C is a key offering in Atlona’s growing range of integration problem-solving devices supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. It extracts, decodes, and downmixes multi-channel PCM, Dolby, and DTS audio from HDMI sources and delivers stereo downmixed audio over HDMI, analogue unbalanced audio and TOSLINK digital audio outputs.

It also simultaneously passes through the HDMI input with no downmixing and can de-embed HDMI audio with or without being connected to a display or other HDMI destination.

The successor to Atlona’s AT-HD-M2C and AT-UHD-M2C-BAL, the AT-HDR-M2C is compatible with HDMI signals up to 4K/UHD at 6Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling and supports HDR10 and other HDR formats. It is also compatible with HDMI data rates up to 18Gbps and is HDCP 2.2 compliant.

The AT-HDR-M2C supports all video resolutions, audio formats – including all Dolby and DTS formats – and colour spaces included in the HDMI 2.0a specification. It can pass metadata for HDR content and conveniently serve both surround-sound and two-channel audio systems from a multi-channel audio source.

“As the popularity and adoption of 4K and HDR video continues to grow in both residential and commercial settings, so too does the need for compatibility with these formats throughout the entire signal chain,” says Atlona product manager Joshua Castro.

Integrated EDID management features and audio volume, bass, and treble adjustments can be controlled through the device’s graphical web interface, third-party control systems or the free Atlona Management System (AMS) network software platform. AMS enables systems integrators and users to set up, manage and monitor multiple Atlona solutions over a LAN, WAN, or VPN.

“The AT-HDR-M2C combines the audio conversion capabilities that integrators and end-users need with versatile support for HDR-enhanced content, and we’re pleased to be delivering it to the market,” says Joshua.

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