Atlantic Technology shipping AT-3, its next gen AT Series tower speaker

Atlantic Technology has released the AT-3, its next generation of AT Series tower speaker, a two-way tower featuring the company’s H-PAS technology.

The H-PAS technology enhances bass performance despite being in a 25% smaller cabinet thanks to enclosure refinements and proprietary new Atlantic Technology drivers.

“With the resurgence of high-quality vinyl playback gear and hi-res digital music, Atlantic Technology’s AT-3 is a loudspeaker that delivers stunningly accurate full-range sonic performance that’s a perfect complement in a pure two-channel music system,” Muto Communications business development manager Paul Fredrickson says.

Muto Communications is Atlantic Technology’s global PR and business development partner.

“At the same time, the AT-3’s outstanding extended low-end dynamics are perfect for a multi-channel home-theatre system. How does Atlantic Technology offer such extraordinary bang for the buck in a compact tower cabinet design? The answer is H-PAS,” Paul adds.

H-PAS has a proprietary cabinet design that directs the woofer’s back wave through an internal inverse horn structure for a continuous compression of the back wave and couples it to an acoustic bass trap chamber. The chamber expands the effective enclosure volume at low frequencies, filtering out parasitic resonances and distortion to clarify bass exiting the front cabinet port. As a result, the AT-3 delivers extended deep bass at high output levels with exceptionally low harmonic distortion.

The AT-3 uses a new, lightweight, high-resonance 6.5” woofer which features a lighter, rigid, concave formed fiberglass cone with greater uniformity, continuity and reduced cone breakup possessing an instant, pulse reaction and unmatched transient response for improved clarity and lower distortion.

The driver’s inherent lightning-fast transient response reacts and stops three to five times faster than slower, heavier, low-resonance drivers. The net result, along with H-PAS, is bass that extends to 29Hz (-3dB) at sound pressure levels that exceed 106dB and bass harmonic distortion is under 3%. Comparable performance in a conventional loudspeaker would require woofers triple the size in an enclosure at least twice as large.

A 1” liquid-cooled silk dome handles high frequencies with a transient response. Its crossover frequency is lower than a typical two-way speaker blending with the woofer to give the system a top-to-bottom transient response that belies its price.

Additionally, a foam tweeter ‘frame’ ensures uniform dispersion, response smoothness and tonal balance (with or without the grille attached) for better imaging and a more enjoyable listening experience.

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